Buying items using ask

hi i have a little request for admin i hope i can buy items using my ask . ( if we cant trade them to $ ) and im from Philippines hope that the market ca deliver in my country … :innocent:

We’re working on offering items for sale in ASK!
Stay tuned!


Hi mray, Have you got any idea when that will be roughly, I’ve been with you from the beginning and I have quiet a few ask, I though I could buy things on the marketplace which was very disappointing, I though that was the idea from the beginning, why did everything change recently and why did you stop with the video’s, thanks mark

No you can earn by every transiction

As soon as I get a date for sure, you all will be the firs to know!

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Ok we are waiting good news please make it fast we are waiting mam thanks

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Any good news dear admin

We always announce news here as soon as we get it. Stay tuned to this forum.

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