Authentication error


What can I do

Best Redgards Klemen


извините, не специалист) почту подтверждали?


If you just signed up, make sure you verified your email by clicking the link in the email we sent you.

If you were able to log in before, try clearing your browser cache and logging in again.


có thể tắt đi rồi đăng nhập lại, đã bị vài lần.


I still can not log in, I already have over 28000ASK


I need more information to help. Are you getting an error on entering password or 2FA code?


I see just as the picture shows me. The day before everything was ok.


Did you try clearing your browser cache, then logging in?




He is still and still writes the same. Best Redgards Klemen


It’s possible to do anything else ?


You can reset the password


I sent but I do not receive mail


It appears that you unsubscribed from all emails from Permission back in October, which is why we cannot send you a password reset email.


What can we do now?
Best Redgards


I can try to add you back to the mailing list, if you would like.


So, everything is lost?


No, I didn’t say that.
However, in order to get you the email to reset your password , I need to add you back to the mailing list and I cannot do that without your permission :slight_smile:


I give Klemen Kolenc a permission to add me to the mail list. Mail:


OK! I think I have you added back. You can try to reset your password again. Please let me know if you get the email.