Ask valuation waste of time

I don’t know the value of my time so I stopped watching ads and referring people till I know the value of each ask.

Shame on you guys. You are earning money from advertisers for our time and in return you give us a coin the has no real value.

There is no diffrence between permission io and Facebook


Correct, we’ve been working for you for several years and we still have no idea about how much is our time worth.

Even an estimation of the value woud give us something to relly our trust on.


Same i also stoped to watch its enough


I understand that you might be impatient, but I wonder if you have been involved with any other crypto projects?
We are one of the very few projects that had an actual product and not just a whitepaper and an ICO.
We do not collect or share personal data and you have not invested any money with Permission.
Currently, you watch ads on almost every page of the internet, and do not earn anything at all.
Have you read our whitepaper?


so where has the money that has been paid by advertisers gone?

They keep saying it’s like every other crypto project, but it’s not. There is no incentive to bring value to the token. The dev team gets paid no matter what.

For all we know 2 years from now the big news will be tokens are finally redeemable… for virtual coupons on the permission platform.

Yeah. I’m done too. My time has value.


wasting time, I also stopped the service and stopped recommending friends about ASK … Bored


invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Utrust … if you want to make money instead of watching Ask


I would like to stop at 10,000 Ask which is more than enough


They have wasted our time


Lol ,it funny though

@Hacken @Professionals_Profes @jeffcontonio @Jabier.razak @stars12r

Permission is challenging the ad industry to actually eradicate interruptive, exploitative, and unwanted marketing that intrudes the lives of everyone that uses the internet. We’re creating an advertising model that is permission-based and trustworthy by design. This takes time. This is a completely new category that doesn’t tangibly exist yet. We are building much more than a simple ad blocker or cash back site.

Not sure how many of you have taken a look at the “About Us” page of our site: We are a scrappy team of 16, executives included. I invite you to read about our individual backgrounds and expertise. We’re proud and the dedicated members are proud of what we’ve done this past year.

Off the top of my head, we created and supported a Progressive Web App, our solution when Apple and Google blocked us from their stores because they didn’t approve of paying people to watch ads.

We rebranded from getALX to . We launched and supported two interactive referral programs. We executed multiple rollouts of 2FA security in order to support our members’ needs. We’ve consistently updated .

And we launched a blockchain, which you can see at

Our roadmap has always been included in our whitepaper, page 19: We are on track with our goals.

While you’re there, see pages 17 and 18 where it talks about $ASK allocation. We’re not using our members. 20% of our total supply of ASK is reserved for our early-adopter audience.

This forum is a place for the Permission community to get product support, talk to each other, and interact with team Permission. There are much better things to do than speak negatively and spread FUD.

Just like any time you buy into an ICO, cryptocurrency or stock in the traditional market, it’s up to you (and any person you refer) to do your due diligence about whether you believe in the project or not. You didn’t invest any money to join Permission or start accumulating ASK.

Hopefully you found this helpful.


Hello rpekar1,you and mray are doing a great job here, you explanation is a true summary of, love you guys :ok_hand::+1::call_me_hand:


I’ve read it.
Late 2020 we can use our ASK tokens to advertise our own products.

So unless we have a product to advertise, it makes absolutely no sense to own ASK.

The permission platform is for advertisers to reach other advertisers. There are no incentives for consumers.


I don’t believe that pal ,ask will be useful not for advertising purposes only

“For 2020 Q3-Q4
» Network Ads
» Developer API
» Two-Sided Market Place (Watch ad earn ASK, Spend ASK to advertise your own goods/services”


Tôi nên dừng Lại ở đây.

I do not need to use ASK to advertise my own products / services. I’m not interested. My goal is to earn tokens and sell. If this is not possible ,please explain exactly and specifically.


You earn ASK every day that you log in and participate in Permission. What you do with them after that is up to you.

I asked a simple question. Will it be possible to exchange the earned ASK for Fiat or cryptocurrency? Will there be access to the exchange in the future?

Без вирусов.


We have no information about exchanges.
Have you ever been involved in a crypto project before that wasn’t bitcoin or an ICO?