ASK token not being created


Hello, there. I noticed sometimes after seeing an advert the ASK tokens won’t be credited to my earned balance. Several times, I have to watch the same advert all over again before it becomes credited and most times do not still get credited. If this persists, people will waste more data on viewing a particular advert content which might be a turn off. I await a response with embedded solution to this problem, thanks.


I have not heard of that happening for anyone who watches videos until the popup telling they have earned appears.
You should be able to immediately go to your Activity and see the video appear after you watch it to completion.


Well, I can relate to what you saying, cause I had same issue once, but I’m doing okay now…because I figured out that the problem was coming from the network I was using to browse, over here in Nigeria :nigeria:, Glo,Airtel,9mobile and Mtn are the renowned networks we use to make calls and surf the internet, now airtel been known to have a strong :muscle:t4: networking system…is what switched over to, and ever since then, everything has been going smoothly and really fast…my tokens (ASK) are earned immediately after seeing an advert or probably after a successful referral verification is done :white_check_mark: with 2FA , I hope :crossed_fingers: this information was helpful.