ASK Stable coin


Is ASK going to be a stablecoin(i.e fixed price) since it has a live product?


No, we are not planning on being a stablecoin at this time.

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So bored …:slightly_frowning_face:

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Cứ đợi thôi đâu có lựa chọn
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Những điều thực sự tuyệt vời cần có thời gian!


What can I do with earned ASK tokens, after entering the main network?


The token is meant to be used within the Permission app’s ecosystem as we add more features, functionality, and content to the platform. However, you will of course be able to withdraw your ASK when the blockchain goes live.


When you goin lg to announce date for live token please any update thanks


We are getting closer to announcing a date. Our security audits are complete. Test wallets have been tested by our members. We’ve updated the user experience with features like the new referral program, anonymous profiles, wallets, blockchain explorer, sharing, favoriting, sorting. We are also working with some of the biggest brands in the world in hopes of bringing their content and products to Permission.

Have faith and patience! All great things take time. I wish my hands weren’t tied and that I could tell you a date. Just know we are working extremely hard to make Permission reach its full potential.


This sounds excellent


We love our members! We won’t let you down