ASK not collect

@mray watching add but no ASK collect in my account,WHY ??? :thinking:

Please tell us date mam enough time waiting thanks

Which videos are they @Shanto

when i watch a video i dont get credit ?

when i watch a video i dont get credit ?

Try logging out and clearing your cache, then log back in.

When we will get payout mam plz tell us date


We have waited enough

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Hang tight. We’re hoping to publicly announce something big this week or next.


Permission Product Roadmap

For Q2 2019

 Completed Q2 Roadmap Items: 

Not Completed Q2 Items:

» Membership Ranking Algorithm
» Integration with ID Management System
» Open Source (Blockchain)
» Integration with Hardware Wallets (e.g. Trezor, Ledger)

For Q3 2019

 » Advertiser Portal (External)
 » Content Producer Rating
 » Permission Based Targeting
 » Enhanced Personal Datasets
 » Ability to run Permission node (3rd-Party)
 » Permission Blockchain Voting System
 » Open Source (Voting System)

Ohhh thanks alot mam

hello @rpekar1 ,all types of vedio

Why exactly is ASK used?

hello mam
please tell me how much more time listing on exchange?

nice to hear that, I believe permission is a powerful project ever

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Read our whitepaper!