Ask not being credited


Well, this is probably the third time I have complained about this…after seeing a video ad, my ask is not credited, at first I thought it was from the network providers but if it was from the network providers then the video shouldn’t play properly in the first place. But video plays properly until the end where I have to wait a decade to get credited ASK. This is starting to irritate me as I have to see that video all over again after refreshing the page.


Let me see if I can help. Which videos gave you this issue?



this one for example.


I finished seeing that video 7:10 PM…even till 7:15 PM ASK still not credited.


Here is another one…


Which browser are you using? Mobile or desktop? Do you see these videos listed in the Activity screen?
Are you running a popup blocker?


Non of that mray, actually I think I have got it resolved for now. What I did was to update my Google chrome browser and since then everything is fine. I guess problems actually bring knowledge. Thanks for your time.