App issue in android


Cannot see anything in app


Which app are you talking about?


We do not have an app. You just login at


I am doing that and i always had but dont see any content


When I try set up the wallet, I have to do the 2 step verification app, which keeps saying incorrect password when it gives me the 6 digit codes. Quite frustrating, as I can’t copy and paste that long line of letters that I need to set up the account in the “authy “ app before even getting those “ incorrect “ 6 digit codes. Do I even need to bother with the wallet set up right now? I spent 30 minutes mucking with that app on IOS.


If you aren’t going to test the wallet, you don’t need to worry about the 2FA setup at this time.
Are you trying to set up 2FA and Permission on the same device?


How do i test the wallet i want to test it


Go to the Wallet on and you can send ASK to other Permission members.
There is another thread on here about testing the wallet where you can post your receive address.


Wallet testing… please send some ASK to my wallet address: