Any real (non-Youtube) videos?

Why are there only Youtube videos? Are there any videos from the real advertisers?


Michelle, can you please reply?

Can someone please reply? We are getting tired of watching just Youtube videos

Đúng vậy tôi luôn muốn hỏi tại sao toàn bộ đều là video trên youtube ?

In my own understanding about the available ad space,one has to pay for the ads running in permission space by purchasing ASK, by this way YouTube are our clients.

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Is it true Youtube is your client? Otherwise, why only Youtube videos

Great stuff great thread all folks

Embedding youtube links is the most efficient way for us to display content.

I don’t understand why you don’t answer questions straight. It’s ok to pull the advertisement from Youtube. My question is are there any real advertisements (rather than just pulling in random Youtube videos) on permission platform. Do you have any real content providers providing their ads on permission platform. How can I tell whether I am watching a random Youtube video (purely for testing purposes) or a real ad?

Can you please reply without evading answering? Is there any content on ASK platform that is from the real advertisers currently?

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I think you are making the wrong question.
The right question to do is if you access these videos through this platform or not. Because there is the value of Permission. Would you have seen those videos if it was not because of this platform?

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You implied the videos are not ‘real’ ads because they’re hosted on YT. At the moment, the reason we usually use YT links to display our advertisements is because it’s easier, more efficient, and a better experience than hosting all of this content on our own web account. Note that I said usually; We did build a player in order to distribute some of our content. Why don’t we do this for all the ads? It’s more expensive, labor-intensive and takes up more bandwidth. We are a small team of 16, so we gotta be smart about how we use our resources :slight_smile: