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Hello friends!

I’ve recently saw a LOT of different questions about, so I thought I would make a very easy, picture friendly how-to guide on starting :slight_smile: You will need your computer and phone. This will go over creating a brand new account all the way into enabling F2A and features of the site. Follow along as you see fit and I hope it helps!

The F2A process is a little tedious, but do not fret! I have tried to make it as simple as possible to understand for our fellow not so techie friends here :blush: There are two guides on that below, labeled “Step 10 Google” or “Step 10 Authy”. If you have an account and want to setup F2A, scroll down until you see the stars! They both start off with a bunch of stars to help skipping stuff you already did! :star::star::star::star:

I apologize, I only speak English, so if you speak a different language, please use a translator, such as google translate. I made pictures to hopefully help our fellow non english speakers :heart: Link below:

Let’s Get Started!

Step 1: Go to and press the blue button “Sign Up”

Step 2: Type in your information and add your friend’s referral! If you don’t have one, here’s mine, I’d love to be your friend!: W926TV

Step 3: Read and Accept Term’s and Conditions

Step 4: Your Page should look like this:

Step 5: Go to your email and press on the new email “Please verify your email address”

Step 6: Press the dark blue button “Verify My Email Address”

Step 7: Press the button “Return To Login”

Step 8: Type in your email address and password, then press “Login”

Step 9: Press the button “Settings”

Step 10: There are two apps available for F2A. This guide is now going to split into two, one for Authy and the other for Google Authenticator. You only need one of these. If you do not have a gmail account, you’re better off using Authy. If you have a gmail account, you might as well use Google Authenticator. Pick one and click next.

For people who went with Authy, let’s begin. :star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star:

Step 10 Authy: Watch the video and/or press the button “Get Started”

Step 10.1 Authy: Press the button “Next”

Step 10.2 Authy: For Authy users, you should be here on this guide:

From here, go to your phone and search “Authy” on your app store. It should look something like this:

Click “Install” and once it’s installed, open the app.

Enter in your phone number:

Shortly after, you’ll see this:

Either press the call or SMS text to receive a text to confirm identity.

From here I am unable to screenshot due to security. You’ll see a screen that says:

“You don’t have any accounts yet”. Press blue + icon. A backups password screen will appear. Either enter a password, or press the top right button (might be different for other phones) that looks like three dots, press skip, and press Ignore if you want to skip this process.

Press “SCAN QR CODE”, and allow Authy to take pictures and record video. Your phone will now have the camera open. Hold the camera up to that QR code you have on your computer, and another popup will open similar to this:

Press “Next”, you should see 6 numbers. Now go back to your computer.

Step 10.3 Authy: Press “Next”

Step 10.4 Authy: Save this link somewhere safe, you will need it one day. Once it’s saved, press “Next”

Step 10.5 Authy: Grab the 6 numbers off your phone, and put them in here. If it doesn’t work, refresh the Authy app and put in the new 6 numbers it gives you. Then press “Next”:

Step 10.6 Authy: Congratulations! You have enabled 2FA!

For Google Authenticator app::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star:
Step 10.1 Google: Select “Google Authenticator” and press “Next”:

Step 10.2 Google: Press “Next”:

Step 10.3 Google: Go to your phone and download Google Authenticator from your app store. It should look something like this:

Once it’s installed, press “Begin”:

Press “Scan A Barcode”:

From here, your camera will open after you allow access, put your camera up to the QR code on your computer screen and it will popup something like this on your phone:

When you see the 6 digits on your phone, go back to your computer and press “Next”:

Please write down the code that is shown on your computer, you will need it one day:

Step 10.4 Google: Enter in the 6 digits that are on your phone, and then press “Next”. If it doesn’t work, refresh Google Authenticator and enter the new 6 digits:

Step 10.5 Google: Congratulations! You have enabled F2A!

Step 11: The home button allows you to see the available ads to watch. Forewarning! You must watch the entire ad, and wait for the green popup above for it to count and earn the ASK tokens.

Step 12: The wallet shows a TEST balance of 2000 ASK tokens. You can use these to experiment sending and receiving ASK tokens to one another; your current ASK balance is at the top left of the screen, labeled “Earned”:

Step 12.1 Wallet: If you want to send ASK tokens to another person, press the “Send” button and fill in the person’s email address and how much you want to send, as shown:

Step 13: The Profile Tab allows you to put in your information to be “rented” out to advertisers. I would recommend filling this out so you can maximize your profit when we go mainnet:

Step 14: The activity tab shows you past activity. You can see the referral activity if you submitted a referral code when signing up:

Step 15: The refer tab is where you will find your referral code and a variety of ways to share it:

And that is it! You now have the ability to earn ASK tokens, your F2A is enabled (the hardest part!), and have the understanding how to send and receive tokens! I wish you the best of luck with referrals and will try to update this as improvements come along! :blush: Have a wonderful day!

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Why does this article not appear earlier? :innocent:


Well unfortunately in this day and age a LOT of people tend to skip over the fine print, making it seem much more difficult than it is.
So, to help those that need that little extra hand, I thought an easy to follow guide would help :blush:


This is really wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to put this together. We are working on separate explainers for each of the authenticator applications, but we might just use yours! Please send me a message with your login email address!


I appreciate that! :blush: I have always loved putting easy to understand tutorials together. Weird passion of mine haha. I’ll send ya a message shortly!


Спасибо, это все понятно, но у меня нет такого телефона, я с ПК захожу) Как быть?)


Good question!

Hopefully this translates well for you, I would recommend trying this step. I have not done this before, so not sure if it’ll work, but worth a shot! :slight_smile:


Спасибо, я вроде пробовал, но почему то подумал что это опять на телефон)


Стоп, я не так писал))):ухмыляющийся:


It looks like no matter the way you do it, you will still need a valid phone number. I’ll try to do some further research for you and see if I find anything.
It’s recommended to have a different password for each site, so yes I believe so.
Edit: You definitely have to have a phone number for 2FA. Google authenticator and Authy do not offer any other way to use their app without an active phone number for recovery purposes. It is a requirement through their specific app.


2FA ( Two-Factor Authentication) can be translated to a thing you know and a thing you have ( two different things)
So, typically, it requires 2 completely different ways to prove you are … you.
The thing you know is your password.
The thing you have would be a device in your possession, so that you can receive a code. A lot of places do this through SMS, but that isn’t as secure as an app that generates an ever-changing code.


Телефон у меня есть, но он простой)


Если что узнаете, то напишите плиз):смайлик:


Do you have a phone number? That’s all you would need for Google Authenticator or Authy. You can use Authy through your PC, you would just have to put in your phone number.



A good idea! Best open staff for people around the world, I wish your project better and your ideas help people around the world !!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


tuyet voi nhin rat de hieu


Куда номер вставлять надо?


Раньше на ПК был 2Фа, теперь не могу найти это приложение