Account withdrawal problems

This is my link, I have been working for a while but why not get any payment.
It is seen that you are always paying the money Accordingly, I process the payment process according to the rules for getting payment. There you are receiving receipts and transfers but I can not. I do not see the pending again. What do I do to get my work payment? I can tell if there is a problem.


Please read the FAQ section on this forum. The Permission blockchain is still on testnet. Once we move to mainnet, you will be able to do whatever you wish with your tokens.


When to switch to mainnet

We are getting closer to announcing a date. Our security audits are complete, test wallets have been tested by our members, and we’ve updated the user experience with features like anonymous profiles, wallets, blockchain explorer, sharing, favoriting, and sorting. We are also working with some of the biggest brands in the world in hopes of bringing their content to Permission.

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