Account Login with 2FA


I have the 2FA key, but I get an error message when I enter this. What can I do?


Tìm trên diễn đàn. Câu hỏi như thế này nhiều lắm luôn :vui sướng:


You should be entering the 6 digit pin from your 2FA application.
If you are doing that, can you tell me which 2FA app and what the error is?


I entered the 6 digit number of my 2FA.
My 2FA app is Google Authenticator and the error is: An Error occurred while attempting to authorize your access.
Another problem I have with the app I have not come in there for 2 days.
No connection to the website possible


If you are getting error message after putting your 6digits on the 2FA field. Probably you are using the 2fa CODE on the wrong account (I am confident you know what i am talking about).

Because 2FA code on the right account dont give such message.


Tôi thì nghĩ rằng bạn đang không biết mình đang nói j hoặc bạn chưa gặp trường hợp này bao giờ.
tôi thì đã gặp rồi. Đăng kí, xác thực 2fa xong (không đúng đã không thực hiện bước tiếp theo được) đến khi đăng nhập lại lại báo mã 2fa sai.


You can go into your settings on Google Authenticator and make sure you have the time sync’d,as well.


Hello mray,
that was not the problem. I am back in my account.

The problem was that you could choose Authi or Google Authenticator. After choosing Authi and then entering my 2FA code, I was back in my account. But I have the Google Authenticator.


If you had previously set up both authenticators, they will both appear in the list one time.
Once you choose one of them, that is the one that is assigned to your account.
Thanks for letting me know & glad you got back in!