Account Login with 2FA (2)


i already set up my 2fa long time ago and saved the seed, but after i login my account the 2fa suddenly dissapear, what happen and to fix it, tq.

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We sent an announcement about this several weeks ago. There were a lot of members who didn’t understand the importance 2FA, so they misplaced their key, or deleted their 2FA application, or switched devices, etc. The company decided to reset everyone’s 2FA and make it optional for login. We encourage you to go ahead and set it up again, because you will need it to secure your wallet once the blockchain moves to mainnet.


WOW WOW thats alot of ASK you been busy then ? Well done to you Sir !


alright then,tq alot

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i was watching from the very beginning so yeah not much

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Доброго времени! То есть все токены за рефералов сохранятся ? Даже если они не установили 2FA?


Предполагая, что они не являются поддельными аккаунтами, вы получите то, что указано в вашем заработанном балансе. Они, конечно, должны будут подтвердить свою учетную запись, и 2FA - лучший, самый простой способ.

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