About using Trezor device

I have not understood the withdrawal or transfer of ASK must have a Trezor device and we must buy it with EUR 69 or EUR 149?
Did they finally force us to convert or withdraw ASK to have a minimum cost of 69 EUR, I have not seen anywhere to do so?
Someone please explain help me.
Thank you


TREZOR Model T - 149 EUR
TREZOR Ultimate Pack - 273 EUR
TREZOR ONE Black + Cryptosteel - 149 EUR
TREZOR ONE Metallic - 500 EUR
Perhaps the administration made a joke, offering to buy TREZOR ? I love jokes. My pension won’t be enough and I’ll starve for a month by buying TREZOR. )))

You have a wallet on Permission and you can leave your ASK there. A trezor is a hardware wallet that you CAN move your ASK to, if you would like.
We are working on more wallets that you can transfer to, but these things take times.


Well Explained Mray Nobody has been forced to buy any Trezor its ones choice nothing more.


more if I buy this wallet TREZOR and send my ASK to there I will be able to exchange my ASK for Bitcoin?

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Read this post https://cryptototem.com/trezor-wallet/ to learn more about Trezor Hardware Wallet and how to install and use it. I ahve used it for 2 years and still satisifed.

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No one has any doubt that he is a great wallet. The question of whether today you need to purchase an expensive device to store one ASK token? But everyone decides for himself.

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How because there is no news of withdraw or exchange of ask toke

How can I buy a TREZOR T to ship to Brazil, I speak Portuguese ok

What is the function of trezor hardware wsllet only withdraw not any exchange or get cash please tell us clearly thanks

Similar to the way a thumb drive stores files, a hardware wallet physically stores tokens. Many crypto users appreciate the added security and autonomy that a hardware wallet provides.

Asking the same question over and over about exchanges doesn’t change the answer we’ve already given you.


Thanks mam ok please it my humble request to process system fast thanks