2FA Button Not active


Hello admin,

I have set 2FA during testnet. When mainnet was released somehow the connection was lost. In trying to reestablish the latter everything works as before but at the last stage when entering the code from the app on my phone into my permission back office the confirm button is greyed and inactive.

Please advise


You need to delete the old one and simply create a new one. It was very confusing for me to and also kinda unacceptable :confused: Do not forget to backup the new secret key for your new 2FA.

Best of luck :slight_smile:


I would advise making sure you are logged out of permission on all devices, clearing your browser cache and then logging in again. If you are using Google Authenticator, make sure that you go into Settings and sync time codes.

If that doesn’t work, you can try what the previous poster suggested. If you haven’t logged in in a long time, you can delete the old Permission account in your 2FA device ( back up first, if you have that option) and then set it up again.


Thank you for your prompt responses, however, i had already done both before asking here :slightly_smiling_face: any other suggestions? Thanks


Which authenticator are you using? Did you delete any old Permission accounts?

If you are using Google, did you try Authy?


Yes I did delete the old Permission accounts, and no I have not tried Authy. Before I do that I will try yet another browser (fresh install) and if that does not work I’ll have to change authenticator, I am only delaying that because I use Google’s for a multitude of 2FA tasks. Thank you.


Sorry for the problems you are having. In other instances, syncing time codes or setting up 2FA again works.
I meant to ask if you had your backup codes or passkey from the first time you setup.

The backup codes should work, but if not… a new setup certainly should if timecodes are synced.


@mray i do experience the same problem in login using 2FA i do have my back-up too but nothings happen, still having authentication Error


ok i think, i find the answer now, my 2FA installed in 2 phones so i need to deleted the old one, i think i just copy the old authentication in my old phone, my bad

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